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Dora Lewis


The Indies 2020 will recognize the work of independent musicians who released their work between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. The entries that will be considered for nominations will include genres such as pop, rock, metal, hip-hop, electronic or dance music, folk fusion, and sub-genres such as folk rock, prog rock, and so on. All forms of traditional folk, film music, Hindustani classical, and its sub-genres and Carnatic music are genres that will not be included for this showcase since The Indies is a platform for alternative and independent music.

The nominations will be divided into 18 categories including

  1. Best Band of The Year
  2. Album of The Year
  3. Song of The Year
  4. Best Male Vocalist
  5. Best Female Vocalist
  6. Guitarist of The Year
  7. Bassist of The Year
  8. Drummer of The Year
  9. Keyboardist of The Year
  10. Best Emerging Band
  11. Best Producer
  12. Music Video of The Year
  13. Best Album Art
  14. Best Electronic Artist
  15. Best Hip Hop Artist of The Year
  16. Best Metal Artist Of The Year
  17. Best Rock Artist of the Year
  18. Best Pop Artist of the Year