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Dora Lewis


The panel of jury members include experts from the independent music industry, producers, musicians, journalists, Record label executives, and more who will score the nominees for their designated categories. The names of the artists are not disclosed to the jury, they only hear the music and give their scores.

The Indies 2020 will be hosted, managed, and awarded digitally. Let the music begin.

  • Aarti Rao
  • Adib Hidayat
  • Alexander Milas
  • Anthony Crawford
  • Deepti Unni
  • Ehsaan Noorani
  • George Mathen
  • Jishnu Dasgupta
  • Khruangbin
  • Kiran Gandhi
  • Louiz Banks
  • Luke Kenny
  • Nerm
  • Nirmika Singh
  • Pavan Mukhi
  • Rahul Ram
  • Randolph Correia
  • Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal
  • Sharin Bhatti
  • Shri Sriram
  • Uday Benegal
  • Varun Murali
  • Vasundhara Das
  • Viveick Rajagopalan
  • Vivienne Pocha