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Dora Lewis

The Savages formed in 1965 are the first Indian Band with a rock / western sound to professionally record a single. You can read intresting stories about them on their member Ralph Pias’s blog here

Asha Puthli is a singer-songwriter, producer, and actress from Mumbai, India. She was among the first international recording artists to infuse Indian elements into her tunes, subtly embellishing her pop vocals with Hindustani music ornamentation.

The Combustibles were a Rock band from Mumbai, their singles ‘Watch Her‘ & ‘Some Peace‘ were recorded by the final line up of the band in 1969-72 and re-released in 2013 by Harkit Records, UK. More details on the band here.

Atomic Forest was an Indian psychedelic and hard rock band from Mumbai, active in the early-1970s. They recorded a single album, “Obsession ’77” which was released after the band had dissolved.

Simla Beat Contest was one of the most prestigious band events in India from mid ‘60s to ’72 (exact years not known), Imperial Tobacco Company (ITC) conducted the contest, named after Simla Cigarettes. Every year, the company also released a Simla Beat compilation album that featured songs from some of the most talented bands from the era.